How It Works

The NDIS is giving people with disabilities more choice and control over the supports that can be accessed. Having a plan is just the first step. There are four options available, these are:

  1. Agency Managed: The NDIA holds the funds and pays providers through the NDIS Portal. This means that any supports you use will have to be registered with the NDIS.
    If you are agency managed it means you are restricted to using only registered providers. With a plan manager, you can choose any relevant service provider, both registered and non-registered – whatever suits you. Being plan managed has the benefit of price flexibility. You choose the providers that meet your needs and fit your budget.
  1. Self Managed: NDIS participants/nominees receive invoices directly (in arrears) and then are responsible for ensuring timely payment. They can either pay the invoice first and then claim reimbursement via the NDIS portal or claim the invoice amount from the NDIA on the portal and then pay after receiving the funds.
  1. Plan Managed: A financial intermediary (i.e. Custodia Plan Management) manages the Plan. Providers invoice the Plan Manager.
    Participants with Custodia Plan Management can maximize choice and control without the added burden of paying the bills. Your service providers can send all invoices directly to us, or you can forward their invoices onto us – it’s your choice.
  1. A combination of the above.

Choosing to be plan managed gives you control with freedom of choice and freedom from the obligations of paying and storing invoices.

Everything we do is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on achieving your personal goals.

Make sure you have ‘plan management’ included in your plan – with funding allocated in your NDIS plan, there is no cost to you!

The Process

We will keep you informed at all times. If you choose to use our integrated portal (MYP), you will be sent an email message each time we process an invoice. You will then be able to review and approve your invoice, keeping you up to date with your spending. You can see your budget progress, provider allocations and each invoice and choose whether or not it should be processed (optional). You can view monthly budget reports and keep in touch with every aspect of your plan. 

If you prefer not to have this level of interaction, then there is no need for you to do anything. If you feel overwhelmed and just want us to handle it for you, then we have you covered. 

Within MYP, you will be able to track your budget, your invoices and your plan.

See example image below.